A new solution to address FIPS requirements when using OpenSSL v1.1.1.

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A new solution to address FIPS 140 for OpenSSL.

What Is CorSSL?

Corsec’s CorSSL unburdens architects and developers from FIPS 140 requirements with an easy to deploy cryptographic replacement for OpenSSL.  CorSSL is designed to meet government compliance with an out of the box ready and secured solution.

CorSSL replaces outdated and unvalidated versions of OpenSSL, allowing your team to budget with confidence and free up engineering resources.

FIPS Validated

Addresses FIPS Requirements

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Minimizes Engineering Costs

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Highly Configurable


Maintains Your Codebase

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Meets Federal Guidelines


Fully Supported

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Addressing FIPS in OpenSSL has Never Been Easier!

A Drop In Replacement for OpenSSL

CorSSL enables sales to U.S. federal agencies and highly regulated industries, providing a quick “drop-in replacement” for any existing OpenSSL 1.1.1-based architectures that need to address FIPS 140 requirements.

Engineering teams that need to quickly adopt a FIPS approach that leverages an OpenSSL architecture now have a solution that minimizes impact to their code base.

CorSSL & Valdation

Need Support for OpenSSL v1.0.2 or 3.0?

Not only can Corsec help with OpenSSL v1.1.1, we also have solutions for the newest and legacy versions of OpenSSL, v3.0 and v1.02

Contact Corsec below to get help with all of your OpenSSL and FIPS 140 needs.

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