Corsec on the Road – Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2015

Ian Wisecarver and Jason Kozak head to Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2015. Corsec’s Ian Wisecarver and Jason Kozak will be joining the IT security discussion in our Nation’s Capital next week, as they meet with IT product vendors and industry leaders at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2015 in


IT Security Certifications at InfoSec 2015

Will you be at InfoSecurity 2015 this year? InfoSecurity 2015, is Europe’s largest free information security event, focused on relevant IT security issues including pressing issues like practical ways to protect information assets, recovering and securing data, and innovative strategies to discuss information security risks. Ian Wisecarver from Corsec will…

RMF and the DoD's UC APL

RMF: Is It Replacing the DoDIN APL and other Security Certifications?

As companies tap into the growing addressable markets for Commercial and FED, they are confronted with a litany of standards, acronyms and security validations they must overcome in order to stay relevant. The list is daunting, and making sense of this has been our singular focus for the past 18 years. In that time, we…


FIPS 140-2 & Common Criteria Security Certifications

The numbers are in and with our partners help; Corsec has had one of its most successful quarters in company history! And the future looks even more promising. With the rising threat of security breaches in today’s technology landscape, the need for products that can deliver a high degree of trusted protection…

FIPS 140, CSfC, Common Criteria, UC APL

Corsec Announces Fall 2014 Global Speaking Tour

Industry Experts Selected to Deliver Critical Guidance and Insights at Leading IT Security Conferences Fairfax, VA, September 8, 2014 – Corsec, the world’s leader in providing access to new markets via third-party security validations, recently …

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How Heartbleed Affects Your Security Certifications

Much has been in the news over the past couple of months about the security vulnerability known as Heartbleed. It is of vital interest to businesses and consumers, but especially so for businesses with products intended to provide security for their users. There are some specific and unique impacts to companies who are planning or are in the midst…


Common Criteria Certification: What Is It?

Do you need to open the door to sell your IT security product to the U.S. government? That seems like it should be a process that is simple to work through, but think again. Any IT security product that will be used by the U.S. government for national security systems, either to handle classified and even some non-classified…

FIPS 140, CSfC, Common Criteria, UC APL

Maximize ROI: Market Your Certification

Taking the time, effort and resources to achieve FIPS or Common Criteria certification or UC APL listing is a big deal. It’s not an insignificant investment, and when it’s finally completed, you want to see a significant return, right? The most obvious solution is just to sell more product. And while this may seem both simple and obvious, we all know…


Entropy Testing: Tips for Meeting Requirements

In the second post of our two-part series, we continue our discussion with panelists from Computer Sciences Corporation: Lachlan Turner, Jason Cunningham, and Maureen Barry. Continuing where we left off with last week’s post, we’ll dive deeper into entropy and answer some of the many questions now arising…


Entropy for FIPS and Common Criteria: What Is It?

In the world of cryptography, data is only safe as long as the keys used to protect that data are kept secure. While, on one hand, this means that keys must be protected against unauthorized access, it also means that keys must be created in a way that makes them difficult for an attacker to guess. To produce cryptographically strong…

FIPS 140, CSfC, Common Criteria, UC APL

A Look Back: 2013 for FIPS, Common Criteria and DoDIN APL

The end of the year is a great time to look back at important milestones and use what we’ve learned to plan for the upcoming year. This year, clearing the air where myths and misconceptions were concerned was a theme that we saw come up repeatedly at Corsec, and laying the groundwork for smooth process…