Corsec Foresight

Global Industry Knowledge & Thought Leadership on Requirements, Schemes, Processes, Tradeoffs, Risks, Timing, & Costs

What Is Corsec Foresight?

Corsec has the largest certification consulting staff in the world, helping to identify and support projects in different countries with varying requirements. Leveraging this experience and understanding of the requirements allows companies to understand all possible scenarios to navigate certifications, preventing unnecessary work, schedule slips, and pitfalls.

     20 Years of Experience & Lessons Learned
     Worldwide Leadership & Participation
     Holistic & Unbiased Perspective / Guidance
     Global Perspective on Unwritten Rules & Exceptions

Leverage lessons learned & interdependencies between FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria, & the DoDIN APL to eliminate risks

Corsec’s participation in iTCs, Working Groups, & Global Conferences provides staff with insights that reduce & eliminate engineering development efforts

Forum Membership

Cryptographic Module User’s Forum (CMUF) – Founding Members & Leadership Role

Common Criteria User’s Forum (CCUF) – Founding Members & Leadership Role

APL Advisory Council

Technical Communities

Corsec has over a dozen engineers on different Technical Communities, working on a host of Protection Profiles, including:

Applications, IDS/IPS, SAN, Apps on OS, Mobility, TPM, Certificate Management, Multifunction Printers, US Security, DBMS, NDPP, Virtualization, ESM, OSPP, VPN, File Encryption, Peripheral Switch, HSM, Redaction, Supply Chain, Ethernet Encryption, Authentication Server and Email and Web.


To help clients stay abreast with evolving standards and requirements, Corsec has been participating and leading discussions at certifications conventions for over 20 years, including: International Common Criteria Conference (ICCC), International Cryptographic Conference (ICMC), RSA Conferences (Americas and Europe), BlackHat, SANS, CSI, E-Gov, Fed Channels, FIA, FOSE, Gartner, GovSec, MSI, NISSC, Vanguard, and more.