DTECH LABS and Corsec Complete DoDIN APL Listing in Record Breaking Time

We are pleased to congratulate our partner DTECH LABS (a subsidiary of Cubic) for a true partnership in product security compliance and security hardening.

Corsec and DTECH together have broken the previous benchmarks in time to listing for the DoDIN APL.  Corsec was able to accomplish this feat in record timing, completing their listing in four months. By helping DTECH to complete the listing process, they are now able to compete on government contracts.

DTECH LABS now joins the growing list of Corsec customers on the DoDIN APL, including recently added CyberArk, ScienceLogic and Forescout.


Created in 2011, the DoDIN APL represents the agency’s master list of secure, trusted and approved technology infrastructure products. The DoDIN APL was developed in an effort to maintain a single consolidated list of products that have completed Interoperability (IO) and Information Assurance (IA) certification.


DTECH LABS designs, manufacturers, and integrates diverse mission solutions developed to meet the demanding requirements of our military, government, first responders, and commercial customers around the world in a wide range of environments.  The M3-SE, M3-EXR, and M3-EXS product lines are the ultimate power house in small, secure, man portable communications systems for use in harsh environments and with additional port density for smaller scalable LAN functions.

About Corsec

Through industry and engineering guidance, backed by a proven methodology; Corsec’s partners are able to deliver certified and secured solutions ready to withstand the emerging threats of information technology. Corsec has partnered with companies around the world to help educate and guide them through security certifications like FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria and DoDIN APL. Their services and industry expertise help to increases go-to-market readiness, brand reputation and financial returns. For more information, visit sitdev.corsec.com.

In addition to helping companies reduce risk, increase financial returns and improve branding, Corsec’s approach to Certification can help companies:

  • Shorten time to market and eliminate the impact of missed financials
  • Assure its customers that its product has been independently tested and Validated
  • Access to untapped markets which have certifications as barriers to entry
  • Create a competitive advantage

Secure Product, Secure Brand, Secure Bottom Line