IoT Expansion Opens The Door to Vulnerabilities

The IoT expansion has been innovative, immersive, and impressive; revolutionizing modern day interactions and connectivity.

To meet this demand, companies are deploying products at rapid speed, while lowering prices to promote user adoption; leaving many in the security sector concerned about user data protection and proper product security hardening.

To address these concerns, The UK is taking a proactive approach, outlining a 13-point Code of Practice for manufactures, service providers, mobile application developers, and retailers to follow related to the IoT space – “Secure by Design: Improving the Cyber Security of Consumer Internet of Things Report”.

This concept may be new to the growing IoT space, but it is already the status quo for many products in Regulated Industries, as well as heavily mandated by Federal Governments around the globe. Their requirements for certifications like FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria, and the DoD’s APL address these concerns; ensuring products protect sensitive data and implement proper security architecture frameworks prior to deployment and network integration.

For companies looking to analyze their current security strategy and implement sound product security certification practices, there is help. Corsec Security is the global leader in providing assistance in security certifications and product security hardening. With the largest staff of experts in the industry and a comprehensive end-to-end solution that includes assessment audits, documentation, testing, enterprise lab services, and strategic product roadmap planning, Corsec has helped secure more than 400 unique products for hundreds of organizations on five continents over the last 20 years.

This guidance helps companies address security requirements for healthcare, financial services, critical infrastructure, national and international markets, and now IoT. Not only do they secure products, but also foster public trust and reap rewards for security investments, enabling you to overcome competitors in a market valued at over $3.5 trillion.

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