Corsec at Modern Day Marine 2016

Next week Corsec will be joining thousands of government leaders, industry partners, and members of academia at Modern Day Marine in Quantico, VA to discuss the future of technology within the DoD. Companies looking to meet …

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Updates From Around the Globe

Over the past two months Corsec has traveled from Seoul, Korea to Ontario, Canada in order to attend security certification events such as the Common Criteria Users Forum (CCUF), and the International Cryptographic Module Conference (ICMC). The discussions …

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Cybersecurity Innovation Forum

Corsec recently attended the Cybersecurity Innovation Summit at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.  This event created a platform for discussions on the recent advancements in cybersecurity and the evolving challenges security experts face. Among those attending, were members of …

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Corsec’s Matt Keller Attending 2016 ICMC

Next month in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, hundreds of global leaders in the commercial encryption community will gather at the fourth annual International Cryptographic Module Conference (ICMC). Corsec’s Matt Keller, who also serves as CMUF Management …

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Corsec at RSA 2016

RSA is on the horizon and everyone is getting excited.  Each year product vendors convene to discuss security and how we will protect our digital world.  But, with so much going on, it becomes difficult …

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Corsec Attending AFCEA WEST

Corsec will be in San Diego, CA for the annual AFCEA WEST conference.  “The premier naval conference and exposition on the West Coast, WEST is now in its 26th year of bringing military and industry …

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Happy Data Privacy Day

On January 28th; the U.S., Canada, and 47 European countries take time to acknowledge the importance of privacy and data protection best practices. Although this day has its roots in protecting personal data, specifically with …

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The Next Step in FIPS 140-2 and Cryptography

Changes in Security Certifications:  With the extension of the FED budget, companies have begun to plan and develop their 2016 FED sales objectives with an eye on the expanding $70B total addressable market.  These companies …

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Changes in Common Criteria and Product Advocacy

As companies look to their 2016 sales objectives, the allure of the FED and it’s $70 billion budget, as well as emerging markets for healthcare, finance, critical infrastructure and the Internet of Things (IoT) is …

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Corsec on the Road – Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2015

Ian Wisecarver and Jason Kozak head to Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2015. Corsec’s Ian Wisecarver and Jason Kozak will be joining the IT security discussion in our Nation’s Capital next week, as they meet with IT product vendors and industry leaders at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2015 in


IT Security Certifications at InfoSec 2015

Will you be at InfoSecurity 2015 this year? InfoSecurity 2015, is Europe’s largest free information security event, focused on relevant IT security issues including pressing issues like practical ways to protect information assets, recovering and securing data, and innovative strategies to discuss information security risks. Ian Wisecarver from Corsec will…

FIPS 140, CSfC, Common Criteria, UC APL

Corsec Announces Fall 2014 Global Speaking Tour

Industry Experts Selected to Deliver Critical Guidance and Insights at Leading IT Security Conferences Fairfax, VA, September 8, 2014 – Corsec, the world’s leader in providing access to new markets via third-party security validations, recently …

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FIPS 140, CSfC, Common Criteria, UC APL

The Last Details on ICMC 2013 and What to Look for Next Year

Is it too late to talk about the International Cryptographic Modules Conference (ICMC)? Well, it really depends on how you look at it. If you were looking for a timely recap of the conference, then yes, I guess it is. But if you missed any of the details, this might be your last chance to catch up. And planning has just begun for next year’s conference…


More from the ICCC: Update on CNSSP #11 and Common Criteria

In my last post, I brought everyone up to speed on some happenings from the recent ICCC Conference in Orlando, including the revised Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA) and its implications. There was a great deal of other discussion on various topics of interest, including the subject of collaboration…


Updates from ICCC Include CCRA Revisions

Some of us from Corsec recently attended the 14th International Common Criteria Conference (ICCC) in Orlando, Florida, and we came away feeling that the Common Criteria (CC) community is finally coming together in many positive ways. After several years of difficult transition into defining the new CC paradigm of collaborative Protection Profiles (cPPs) and international Technical Communities (iTCs),…


Updates from the Joint CCDB/CCUF Workshop

It’s always great to get together with others from our industry to discuss advances and collaborate on moving processes forward for Common Criteria. Last month, several of us had the opportunity to work with colleagues from around the world at two separate events in Orlando, Florida. A group of us spent the first two weeks of September in Orlando, as Corsec sent multiple…

FIPS 140, CSfC, Common Criteria, UC APL

Hot Topics for ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27’s WG 3: Q & A with Miguel Bañón

Last week, I shared a conversation I had with Miguel Bañón, Convenor of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27’s WG 3 (work group 3), that offered an overview of the current work of the WG 3, as well as some great insight into planned changes in the areas of evaluation, testing and specification for the IT security industry. Today, we’ll…