FED IT Spending: Reviewing 2018 & Gauging 2019

2018 FEDERAL YEAR IN REVIEW 2018 was a stellar year for companies doing business with U.S. Federal Agencies. Over $95.6 billion dollars were allocated towards the procurement of secured IT products and solutions across Civilian, DoD, and ...

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DISA’s August News DISA expands its unclassified mobile device management service DISA's Mission Assurance Branch vows readiness across warfighter domains DISA names a new OSBP Director DoD reviews lessons learned on milCloud 2.0 DISA's Apple ...

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A Growing Market for Endpoint Security

Every time you connect your computer or phone to public WIFI or leave it unlocked, all data, connections, and systems are put in jeopardy of being exploited by cyber criminals. The protection of these “Endpoints” and networks have …

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