Webinar: Moving Through DoDIN APL Testing Efficiently

If you’ve heard of DoDIN APL, you probably have a list of questions. DoDIN APL (which stands for The Department of Defense Information Network Approved Products List) is a directory of IT security products that have completed both Information Assurance (IA) and Interoperability (IO) testing and certification. Attaining inclusion in the APL can be an avenue to new revenue opportunities, but like anything involving federal approval, it’s not an easy road.

The process for being added to the DoDIN APL is complex, with no fewer than 36 distinct steps to complete. There’s the preparation, documentation, and the testing; then you have to coordinate all of your testing activities and logistics, both with UCCO and with government sponsors.

The process can drag on if you don’t meet DoD deadlines for processing, testing, and mitigations. It’s possible to waste many months (or even years!) on unsuccessful approval efforts if you don’t have the right information and the best resources managing everything. There are also defined, stiff penalties for missing deadlines or steps.

How can you move through DoDIN APL testing efficiently?

If you’re wondering whether you should pursue DoDIN APL testing for your products and how you can avoid a drawn-out approval process, mark your calendar for next Wednesday, March 20th at 11:45am (EST) for our webinar, DoDIN APL Solutions: Dealing with UCCO, STIGS, JITC, The TIC, Army, and DoD Requirements.

Presented by John Morris, Corsec president and co-founder, our webinar will offer the full scope of what you need to know about DoDIN APL. John will review the testing process, documentation, guidelines, rules and costs, as well as the types of DoDIN APL assessments. He’ll also cover the common pitfalls that many organizations encounter during the process, and will show you how to avoid them.

You can download this webinar here.

If you want immediate information about how Corsec’s DoDIN APL services streamline every aspect of your DoDIN APL certification, call us at (703) 267-6050 or email jnelson@corsec.com

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